Falcos Deejay, the owner of Alveda Music, has recently announced the launch of a new record label called Glamour Stuff Recordings. The new label, which will focus on house and tech house music, will be a valuable addition to the music industry, particularly for fans of the aforementioned genres.

The launch of the new label has been welcomed by fans of house and tech house music, who are eager to see what the label has in store for them. Falcos Deejay, who has been in the music industry for over a decade, has shown his expertise by introducing new artists and delivering high-quality music to his fans. By launching Glamour Stuff Recordings, Falcos Deejay aims to contribute to the growth of the house and tech house music scenes.

The mission of Glamour Stuff Recordings is to deliver high-quality house and tech house music to its fans. The label will seek to develop an esteemed catalog that rivals the best record labels in the industry. Throughout his career, Falcos Deejay has demonstrated that he has an eye and ear for talent. His vision for Glamour Stuff Recordings is to maintain the same quality that Alveda Music has become known for.

In conclusion, the launch of Glamour Stuff Recordings is an exciting new addition to the music industry. Fans of house and tech house music can expect high-quality releases from new and existing artists. Falcos Deejay has demonstrated his ability to discover and develop talent with Alveda Music, and he aims to do the same with his new label. Glamour Stuff Recordings has set a high bar for itself, and it will be interesting to see how the label lives up to its promise.

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