2013 - 2014
SAE Institute London

Electronic Music Producer

I am trained in electronic music production using Logic Pro and have experience performing on Ableton Live. Additionally, I have gained valuable experience in the music industry through label management, music publishing, distribution, and contracts.

2010 - 2013
10th Vocational High School of Thessaloniki

Computer Network Technician

A Computer Network Technician is a highly skilled and specialized individual who is responsible for managing and maintaining computer networks and applications. This role requires a deep understanding of the underlying infrastructure and technology that support these networks, as well as the ability to troubleshoot and resolve complex technical issues.


2012 - Current
Alveda Music (Record Label & Group of Labels)

Label Manager / Founder - Owner

I started my own record label called "Alveda Music" in February 2012. The approach of combining everything music-related in one company has attracted several top names to the label, such as Sebastian Park, Chris Kaos, Foxi, Saladin, SUNANA, Patrick Roulette, MeanBeatz, Neo Paulex, and many others.


  • Alveda Deep
  • Alveda Gold
  • Alveda Subject
  • Alveda Pulse
  • Alveda Liquid
  • Alveda Groove
  • Alvea Recordings
  • Encourage Records
  • AMVA
  • Glamour Stuff Recordings

2021 - Current
EDM Cave (Electronic Dance Music news distribution network)

Press / Founder - Owner

Following the success of the label, I bought and relaunched the EDM Cave, an electronic dance music news distribution network.

The network includes:


2022 - Current
Club Agent (Global DJ Booking Platform)

Manager / Founder - Owner

Launched his own worldwide DJ booking platform which was designed for booking agents

Official Logo:

real name: Falcos Panagiotis / Falkos Panagiotis

greek: Φάλκος Παναγιώτης

born: 7 February 1995     dual citizenship (British & Greek)

hometown: Sykia Chalkidiki (Greece) | Συκιά Χαλκιδικής


  • Marketing
  • Music Production
  • DJ
  • Artist Management
  • Label Management
  • Social Media
  • Event Organizing
  • Party Organizing

Other Skills





DMX Lighting



Electronic Music Production

SAE Institute London
30 March 2014