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Falcos Panagiotis (artist name: Falcos Deejay) is a British/Greek music producer, certified by SAE Institute London. President of the label group “Alveda Music” that represents 12 labels and more than 500 artists. Started the first label project in 2012, but launched officially as a label in 2014. Falcos holds the total ownership of 10 labels and working with various record companies for licensing in the electronic dance music industry worldwide.

In May 2014 Falcos Panagiotis joined in the army, so the label was working with very limited time and very hard pressure by himself. By completing his Military service in 2015, Falcos started a new brand label and a project for compilation albums called AMVA (Alveda Music Various Albums) resulting the 200% grow of the label group.

In 2016 Alveda Music Group included 2 more labels (Alveda Deep and Encourage Records) and operated more than 600 signed tracks.

In 2017 the label group had increased the operations with 6 labels (Alveda Gold, Alveda Pulse, Alveda Subject, Alveda Liquid, Elga Records & Dysnomia Recordings) becoming a part of the Alveda Music umbrella and got multiple top 100 releases and tracks on Beatport.